Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dental Digital X-rays are Faster, Safer, and More Comfortable

Digital X-rays have revolutionized the dental care appointment. They are faster, safer, and more comfortable than conventional x-ray films. Digital X-rays are some of the most advanced technology available today in dental imaging. Digital X-rays create images of specific teeth or a panoramic  view (images of the entire set of teeth). This new state-of-the-art technology reduces patient exposure to X-rays by up to 90%! Because digital X-rays can be saved and stored in a computer, your dentist can compare images easily to show even the subtlest changes. This will allow you to receive preventive treatment before small problems become bigger.
Digital X-rays can be a time saver. No more waiting around waiting for film to develop. They are quick and comfortable. A small sensor device is placed in your mouth. The device is connected to a computer that instantly creates X-ray images on a monitor. In seconds, you see the same clear X-ray that your dentist sees. The device can be moved and placed in different areas of your mouth to create images of specific teeth. Digital x-rays are a great tool for diagnosis and help make your visit to the dentist faster and more comfortable.
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