Friday, May 10, 2013

What Causes Root Canal Pain?

What Causes Root Canal Pain?

Common causes of root canal pain include:

  • Decay: Tooth decay that has penetrated the outer layers of the teeth causes root canal pain.
  • Damage: Cracks or chips in teeth can cause tooth decay and root canal pain.
  • Dental Procedures: Repeated dental procedures in the same area can promote deep tooth decay and root canal pain. 

Step-by-Step Root Canal Pain Review

Here’s what you can expect when you have a root canal procedure to relieve root canal pain:

  • Setting the Scene: Your dental professional will take an x-ray to determine the extent of the infection.
  • Numbing Up: You will receive a local anesthetic to make you more comfortable, and a sheet of rubber called a “rubber dam” will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry.
  • Diving In: Next, your dentist or endodontist will drill an access hole into the tooth and use special tools to remove the damaged nerve and pulp tissue.
  • Closing Out: Once the infected material is removed, your dentist will either seal the tooth on the same day, or put in a temporary filling to protect you from root canal pain until a customized crown is ready. Sealing the tooth involves placement of a rubber compound into the root canal where the decayed material was removed. A filling is placed over the access hole.
  • Finishing Up: A crown, filling, or other tooth restoration completes the process of relieving your root canal pain. Many people who have undergone the procedure say it is no worse than having a cavity filled.

Do Root Canal Procedures Really Relieve Root Canal Pain?

Root canal pain is relieved after most root canal procedures. Data from root canal procedures show a 95 percent success rate, and many teeth that are preserved with root canal procedures can last for the rest of your life. But complications that could occur and cause new root canal pain include:
  • A breakdown of the dental sealant
  • An unrecognized crack in the tooth root
  • A defective crown or a filling that allows bacteria back into the tooth pulp 

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