Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Does a Bad Tooth Cause Sinus Trouble?

Does a Bad Tooth Cause Sinus Trouble?

Most people don't think a toothache could be connected to sinus problems, but the two areas are very close to each other. It is not uncommon for a toothache to cause a sinus problem or for sinusitis to cause tooth pain. If a patient is experiencing a great deal of sinus trouble and tooth problems, he will be checked for both a tooth infection and a sinus infection. In cases where both types of discomfort are being experienced, it is not uncommon to discover that one problem is causing the other, even though the sinus cavity and the teeth are both experiencing problems.

Sinus Infection or Bad Tooth?

  • If you have just had work done on your teeth and are experiencing some sort of infection, it may be difficult to know if you have a sinus infection or a dental problem. Many people don't know how to tell the difference. Because the sinuses are located so close to the jaw and tooth area, it can sometimes be difficult to tell where pain is originating from. 
  • The only way to determine if someone has a sinus infection is to see their regular doctor. A dental surgeon or dentist is not going to be able to diagnose a sinus infection. If you have not recently had dental work done and are experiencing tooth pain, see a dentist first to eliminate any dental problems. If none are present and there is still tooth pain, it is possible the pain is being caused by the pressure and inflammation of a sinus infection. Make a doctor's appointment with your regular physician to be checked for a sinus infection.
  • Sinusitis can mimic the pain commonly associated with dental pain, so people will often have difficulty properly diagnosing the real problem. It is common for someone to experience both sinus issues and dental problems because the areas are located so close together. Any type of swelling and inflammation can lead to a sinus infection, so it stands to reason that developing a tooth infection may cause a sinus infection or sinus problems.

Reactions to Dental Procedures

  • Most people are under the impression that you go to the dentist, have dental work done and then return back to life as normal. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way for some people. Someone may go into the dentist and have routine dental work done, but have a very bad reaction to something as simple as a filling or something more complicated, like a root canal. Just as having a sinus infection can sometimes seem like a tooth infection, having a reaction to a dental procedure, especially when someone isn't expecting to, can have the same outcome. If you've just had a dental procedure, are having a lot of sinus-related pain, but are given a clean bill of health at the doctor's office, check in with your dentist to determine if you may be having a bad reaction to the dental procedure.

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