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The Truth About Dental Crowns By Miami Dentist Dr. Mereos

The Truth About Dental Crowns By Miami Dentist Dr. Mereos

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When tooth decay leads to cavities, teeth are often restored with fillings made of silver mercury amalgam or composite plastics. Fillings are an excellent solution to the problem of cavities; they can often accomplish the aim of replacing the part of the tooth that has been lost, and they can do so in a strong and good-looking manner. However, there comes a point when fillings are no longer an effective solution. Tooth decay can continue to erode at the tooth, and fillings require drilling. Eventually, the tooth has lost too much structure to hold a filling. At this  point, restoration requires a technique that will attach to the remaining tooth, stand up under heavier use and meet cosmetic requirements.

Crowns are a method of dental restoration that can strengthen and restore the entire top of a tooth. The crown can also be part of the attachment of a fixed bridge for the replacement of teeth. The tooth is strengthened because it is covered from the outside with a casting of metal or ceramic that wraps and splints the tooth.

The crown serves two important functions. First, it restores the appearance of your teeth and your face. If your tooth is severely decayed or cracked, the dentist will need to restore it prior to preparing a cap. Teeth also support the muscles in our faces, so anything less than a full tooth may affect the way you look.

Second, a crown will be the same size and shape as the natural tooth. As a result, it will keep your jaw and bite aligned, and an improve chewing. It will also make sure that other teeth don't shift locations or take on a greater share of the work of biting and chewing. Moreover, modern ceramic processes produce translucency and color that is more natural than has ever been possible.You can make an appointment with our cosmetic dentist by calling our friendly staff at (305) 532-9114 or by visiting Please don't hesitate to contact Precious Smiles if you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry.

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