Monday, October 30, 2017

Miami Beach Dentist Explains How Sugar is The Scariest Halloween Trend

Miami Beach Dentist

Halloween is here, and so are all those scary costumes and haunted houses. It
shouldn't be the ghouls and ghosts that you fear, however, but the candied apples, trick-or-treat sweets and all the soda that washes them down! Sugary and acidic foods can lead to tooth decay, and that can put a damper on anyone's festive spirit.

While it would be nice if your neighbors all gave out fresh fruit or sugar-free candy
(though we're sure the kids disagree!), high-sugar sweets are still America's favorite
Halloween treat. If possible, try to limit children's sugar intake. Encourage them to drink
plenty of water while snacking - soda will only make things worse! And finally, while it's
easy to slip into a "sugar coma" and just pass out while watching a favorite horror flick,
this is not the time to stray from your brushing or flossing routine. Let your children know
that if they eat sweets without their toothbrushes on hand, they should rinse their
mouths out with warm water.

If you think your child may have developed a cavity (whether the result of Halloween

indulgences or not), please call us.

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